Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked during the course of a booking

What is a Full Day?

On average this would be 8 hours, however because I charge by the hour you have full control over how long I'm with you

How many hours do we need?

Again, this is totally upto yourselves but here are some suggestions based on you want covered throughout the day

  • Full day from getting ready to first dance = 8 hours
  • Ceremony to first dance = 6 hours
  • Ceremony to wedding breakfast (including speeches) = 4 hours
  • Ceremony only = 2 hours

What areas do you cover?

Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, Durham, Hartlepool, basically the whole of the North East.  I am happy to travel anywhere within the UK,, although travel expenses and accomodation maybe required and will be discussed at the time of booking.

Do we get to meet up?

I truly hope so!  You need to know we will get on as I'll be spending a lot of time with you both.  Typically we would meet to finalise the booking and when we arrange one or more PreWedding Shoot.

How long would you keep our booking enquiry for?

From your initial enquiry I am happy to hold your date for 30days.  It is only secured once a £100 non-refundable deposit is paid


Are there travel costs?

Any wedding within the North East incur no further travel costs. For weddings outside of the North East there would be an additional mileage charge of £0.45 per mile after the first 50 miles and destinations over a 100 miles away will also require accommodation to be provided the night before to cover against any potential traffic issues on the day of the wedding.

Can I have a USB of my wedding images?

All of my weddings come as standard with the photos provided on a USB Memory Stick.

Can friends and family view and buy images?

All images are placed onto your password-protected gallery. (protected for the first 30days unless you are happy to have password removed early once you have viewed the photos for the first time).  If you give friends and family the password they can also view your images and buy any images that they’d like.

How long before we see are pictures after the wedding?

Within 4-6 weeks, you will receive a link and a personal password to our online wedding gallery. This will allow you to view all images from the day, as well as selecting those you would like for any photobook album you may wish to add to your package.  This timescale be subject to change depending on how busy my season is.  This will be discussed on the wedding day.

How does the album design process work?

After you have viewed and picked your images, I personally design the album layout, to ensure that it accurately reflects the events of your special day. This can then be proofed through the online gallery (password protected). Once you're happy with the design, I will deliver your album to you. This process takes about four to five weeks.

How many images are in my album?

This depends on the option and album you choose. I recommend that you don’t over fill your wedding album. It’s best to let the images speak for themselves. Keep it simple.

Can I customise the package further?

Additional hours,  and a variety of digital products amongst others can all be added using my a la carte service as desired including the option to add having the ceremony and speeches videoed via a static hi quality GoPro camera.

I hate posing for pictures. Do I have to pose?

I know what you mean. I hate posing for pictures too! That’s why I stay behind the camera. Posing isn’t natural and I don’t think it looks natural either. My style is all about capturing the real you and the joy of your wedding day.

Do you take traditional wedding photographs?

If you want the traditional, formal group photos then yes these are all part of your package.  The bulk of my time will be spent taking a more lifestyle documentary photos. Since each wedding is unique, I decide, in discussion with you, how much time is spent on traditional groups, subject of course to the wedding's schedule.

Do you do videos?

I focus on the still photography. I can, however set up a static high quality GoPro to capture the ceremony, your speeches and 1st dance and include this in your final edited slideshow. Check out my al a carte options for prices.



How do I find your studio?

I have my studio in my home and I'm based in Wardley, Gateshead, and only a 5 minutes walk from Pelaw Metro Station. For full directions then get in touch anytime.

How long after I send my choices does it take to receive the final images?

This depends on the current workload it can take anything from 1 to 4 weeks.

What shall I bring to my Photo Shoot?

This depends on what type of shoot you are coming for. But I always recommend plain/bright clothing and try and avoid plain white.  For child Photo shoots, bring around 3 outfits per child all bright colours possibly one smart outfit. For newborns, just bring your little baby and possibly some hats/headbands and blankets. If you're unsure on what to bring please contact me and I'll happily advise you. There will be plenty of time and facilities should a feed / nappy change be required.

When will I see the Photos?

You will see the photos on the big screen straight after the shoot, this way you choose your photos to be edited immediately. You can also choose your photos in the comfort of your own home so after your photo shoot has taken place I will add your password protected gallery to the website, copies of all the unedtied images will be available to view. You will be provided with details of how to access this at your photo shoot.

Each preview gallery will show your photos with the option then to 'favourite' them via the heart symbol. Once the images have been chosen and the  images take up-to 14 working days to be completed/edited and then are posted out to the clients (to an address advised by the client), or if local will be hand delivered. PHOTOS ROM THE PREVIEW GALLERY MUST NOT BE SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

I want a cake smash shoot, is the cake included?

Yes, I can provide a cake for the shoot, this does add £30 onto the shoot.  You can of course provide your own, particularly if you require specific dietary needs for your little one.  I do recommend however that your bring with you some baby wipes etc and a towel and some clean clothes.

Can I print the images?

All my high resolution images are printable, I give you the rights to print them yourselves or via any printing company.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

Matthew Parker Photography will hold the copyright to all images unless specified otherwise to the client for further information please click here.

How long are the images kept for?

Matthew Parker Photography holds all images indefinately wherever possible although can only guarantee them for 12 months. In order to guarantee the images for 12 months several back-up copies are made during this time.



What Events Do You cover?

As well the usual Birthday Parties (for both kids and grown ups), Christenings and so forth I'm happy to come along to any event you have in mind, including baby showers, Summer Fetes, garden parties, corporate events, and even charity fundraisers. Basically if you need a photographer at your event then get in touch here.

How long after the event does it take for photos to appear on the online Event Gallery?

A set of unedited Preview Images will be available to view on your password protected gallery within 48hours of the event if requested.  Then depending on current work loads the final photos will be ready to view and download / purchase within 2 to 4 weeks.

How do we order prints and other photo gifts?

You can view all the available print options from within your own online gallery, and these are then shipped directly to your home.

Will the printed photos also have the copyright logo on them?

No. My copyright logo is only on the website images to discourage people from stealing, taking screenshots etc. The printed photos will be of high quality and free from any copyright imagery.

Can I get my photos supplied on CD/DVD?

As standard the host of the event will receive one copy of the edited photos on a USB memory stick.  Either a CD or DVD of the final photos can be also be supplied.  This will contain both low resolution images for social media use (these do have my copyright logo on and MUST NOT be cropped off prior to sharing on social media) and high resolution images for printing (the printing is supplied free of any copyright for personal, with the relevant paperwork supplied - for commerical useage of my photos get in touch here.

Other guests at the event can also request a usb/disc of any number of photos, charged at £2 per photo. Again, the same copyright restrictions apply. Get in touch anytime after the event to order.