copyrightCopyright Information

I am often asked about the copyright of images I take and so have chosen to add a copyright notice to my website to save any confusion.

By law I (Matthew Parker Photography) own all copyright to my photography, both from my paid clients, including weddings, and from my free portfolio jobs. I will retain this copyright unless otherwise discussed in writing with a client.

However, unlike a lot of Photographers I operate a shared copyright scheme with most of my packages meaning the client can still print the images anywhere they'd like and have full right to do so, unless discussed in writing otherwise.

All USB Sticks / USB Harddrives of images come with printed statement of rights to print. You must not however sell any of my images without my consent or print them in any form of publication without consent.

As owner of the rights on all my Photography I am entitled to use any images taken to advertise my work, this includes all social media, my website, my marketing (including flyers, business cards and adverts in papers/magazines) or in any other way I see fit.

UK Law states that a Photographer owns the rights to all images they have taken unless under full time employment by a company, i.e. if a Photographer works for a clothing line and has a contract of employment then any images they take for said employer are copy-written to said employer. For more on this please click here.

If you have any questions at all regarding copyright please do not hesitate to contact me direct to discuss.